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We provide schools and teachers with engaging whole class interactive whiteboard resources, interactive fun games, & 1,000s of printable worksheets that save hours of valuable teacher preparation time.
Our engaging Literacy and Maths interactive resources can be integrated simply into everyday teaching mapped directly to the new Australian curriculum.

Trusted by over 2,000 Australian Schools.


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Create your own Interactive Resources


Ideal Resources V.2 out soon!


Create your own interactive game, interative quiz or word search in minutes. Share with the rest of the school.

Absolutely no code or design experience needed.


Available from mid 2014.





Online Learning Adviser - QLD
Cairns School of Distance Education Students are engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

          The introduction of Ideal Resources software has meant that the students from their individual homes can all work together using the live interactive whiteboard and work collaboratively on developing a skill or concept. The students are also able to work by themselves using the resources to enhance the paper-based workbooks when they have trouble with a particular skill or concept. Ideal Resources enable us to embed the software into our Blackboard online classroom and enhance our paper-based curriculum that keep distance education students engaged and enthusiastic about learning and achieving success.

Mrs Theresa Felter - Online Learning and Technology Coordinator

Cairns School of Distance Education, QLD


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