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Richardson Primary School 

Linking Teaching & Learning: A Case Study

By Mr Peter Kent, eLearning Manager ACT Department of Education
(Previously Deputy Principal - Richardson Primary School)



As technology goes, personal computers (PCs) have a major role to play in supporting individual students to reinforce and explore concepts in their personal learning. This has traditionally been labelled eLearning.

Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) have proven to be very effective at enhancing whole class teaching, the necessary precursor of learning, increasingly this use of technology has been referred to as eTeaching. To gain the greatest advantage from the use of technology schools and teachers need a strategy to create links and scaffold between the eTeaching and the eLearning.

At Richardson Primary we create the links via the excellent online resources from Ideal Resources.
Through the use of this software teachers are able use the interactive resources on the Interactive Whiteboard, touch LED screen or interactive projector to explore often difficult concepts with the class. The resources are simple to use but open ended in their design. This open-endedness allows a focus on specific aspects of the concept in question, adapting to student understandings or misunderstanding as the lesson progresses.

In the activity (right) the teacher can lead the class in discussions that relate cm to mm, reading scales in cm or mm. Order of magnitude concepts can be discussed. The hands pointing to the ruler can be easily moved allowing teachers to pose the question “What is the distance between these two points?” or equally “Place the hands on the ruler so that they are 5cm apart.”

In this activity all the lengths and measures are shown. Yet it is possible to hide them all together or individually. For example the cm values could be hidden and students would have to calculate the cm values from the exposed mm values. Equally scale of the ruler can be changed to further probe student understanding. Resources like this are great as they do not place arbitrary restrictions on where a teacher can take a lesson.

Teachers can scaffold student into paper and pencil activities via the printable worksheets that are directly linked to each of the teaching activities.

Increasingly Richardson Primary School is incorporating the use of personal computers as part of the classroom environment so that an increasing range of eLearning strategies can be used to support student learning.

All ‘game’ activities are suitable for individual student use. Teachers scaffold students into their eLearning activities by modelling the activities first on the IWB before students start working on them on the individual computers. Teachers can save their favourites or homework into individual folders.

One of the great things about the activities is that students and teachers find the activities enjoyable and easy to use. On task behaviour is maximised when students are engaged in their eLearning activities.

Many students choose to ‘play’ their favourite games during their free time or at home through the useful free student login feature.

Linking Teaching and Learning has always been an educational necessity for teachers and school. In an IWB and eLearning context the Ideal Resources online subscription used at Richardson Primary School provided us with an affordable tool to fulfil our goal of effectively linking teaching and learning.


NSW Teachers Federation

Education Journal of NSW

Rosemary McDowall and Bill Gillespie for Computer Corner


With the new Australian Curriculum, companies are scrambling to provide new resources for schools to use to support the curriculum and it is nice to see an Australian company leading the way. Ideal Resources have developed a number of web-based interactive whiteboard activities, worksheets and games that teachers may use to make the new curriculum accessible to students.

Currently there are literacy and numeracy resources from Foundation to Year 7; however, Simon Walsh from Ideal Resources informed us that this will continue to grow in the near future including the ability for teachers to create their own quizzes, games etc without any programming skills.

How does this work? Firstly there are three levels of access: Administrator, Teacher and Student. The administrator has the responsibility to create thier own individual teacher login as well as add additional teachers at the school. To create teacher logins select the 'Add' button on the left hand side of the screen and fill in the required teacher details. Only one teacher login can be made per email address. Teacher login and password details will be emailed to them in unencrypted plain text.

Once the teacher has their own login they have full access to all the online resources. They also have the capacity to make numerous folders to store any combination of activities and create students’ login password.

Once a student logs in they can access resources that the teacher has specifically put in the folders or they can also access all the other resources on the site. This means that if a child finishes a set activity they can move on at their own pace.

So what are the resources like? Three literacy activities we looked at in detail for Year 7 were Cloze Activity, Word Exchange and Text Bank.  All three are interactive whiteboard resources.

The cloze activity allows students to drag the words into the text to complete the sentences. Students choose from eight pre-set texts or enter their own text. In the Word Exchange, students substitute words in the text with those from the word bank.They find similar words, or change the genre completely by selecting different ones. They can choose from six pre-set texts or enter their own text. Using Text Bank students can quickly access and interact with over thirty texts. They can highlight scene setting, events, past tense or specific language – or change to the highlight of their choice.

Overall we were quite taken by the learning activities that Ideal Resources have developed.

Review by Bill Gillespie and Rosemary McDowall; Bill teaches at Elanora Heights PS and Rosemary teaches at The Forest HS.



Broulee Primary School

Review by Dave Hounsell

Deputy Principal, Broulee Public School, NSW

Broulee Public School, a government school on the south coast of New South Wales. 


"Our Primary School Loves Ideal Resources!"

Why is this so?

This is software designed for effective explicit teaching of concepts, as well as whole class fun or individual, practice of the learned concepts.

There are other similarly themed software packages around, many web freeware - but in my opinion, the Ideal Resources stuff is significantly better and well worth the investment. The strength of the software is that it engages the students with well thought out visuals and allows for explicit teaching to occur. The activities are designed around eye pleasing graphics with simple, logical navigation menus.

The software works equally well using an interactive whiteboard pen or finger, or a computer track pad or mouse. While the software is enhanced by the interactive whiteboards in our school, some of our teachers are experiencing great success using the software with a projector only in the primary grades.

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