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The interactive resources from Ideal Resources have been specifically designed to work effectively with all brands of interactive whiteboards (IWBs), interactive touch screens and also stand alone computers. It has also been accredited by the two largest interactive whiteboard manufacturers, Promethean and SMART Board.






Promethean Enabled




SMART Board Ready

This kitemark is awarded to Promethean “Friendly” Software that has been enhanced or designed for whiteboard use.



SMART Technologies have accredited our software for better teaching and learning in the classroom on interactive whiteboards.


Promethean “Enabled” Software typically supports the teacher by:



SMART Board Ready Requirements:


Providing increased usability on an Activboard with improved colour contrast and layout.   Easy to use, intuitive and interactive.
Enhancing whole class or group teaching with additional tools or greater interactivity.   All keyboard controls can be implemented with the SMART Board software On-Screen Keyboard, and the software is not dependent on hover capability for key functions.
Using larger text, icons and buttons for increased visibility from the back of a classroom.



Interface buttons and text are of sufficient size to be easily activated on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.
Menus, buttons and icons which are positioned in easy to reach areas on screen or have the ability to be moved.    

The facility for increased user involvement through discussion, choice, simulation/modelling or interaction directly with the board.





www.promethean.co.uk    www.smarttech.com







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