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Beaconhills Collge Best teaching resource that I've had access to in years

           Thanks for your continued support. We have 12 full time classroom teachers who all LOVE and rave about the service you provide. I feel it's the best teaching resource that I've had access to in years. Congratulations on a fantastic product.

Mr Vince McCafferty - Teacher

St Anthony's School Alphington, VIC

Moreton Bay College Ideal Resources works perfectly on my iPad

           I have downloaded Puffin Academy App from the App store and Ideal Resources works perfectly on my iPad. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have been using Ideal Resources for about five years or so and find it an excellent resource. I am happy now that I can set work for the girls and they can access using this app on thier iPads.

Debbie Rosanoff - Year Four Teacher
Moreton Bay College, QLD
Beaconhills Collge Students love learning with these resources.

           Ideal Resources are a fantastic resource that our staff and students are using on the Interactive Whiteboards and laptops. They are engaging, informative, motivating and the students love learning with these resources and the staff benefit by using them to enhance their teaching. There are so many different options and topics covered that students who have learning difficulties all the way to the students who need extension enjoy and benefit from. It is such a easy and straightforward positive resource to use on the Interactive Whiteboards.

Ms Rebecca Riley - ICT Support, Teacher

Beaconhills College, VIC

Wingham Brush Public School Its fun, engaging and motivating

           As a I Teacher-Librarian I'm always on the search for resources that engage and motivate my K-6 students. Ideal Resources exactly meets that need, it's fun, engaging, motivating and grounded in solid pedagogy. As a classroom teacher the technology just has to work and with Ideal Resources you can be confident that the online resources will work. They download quickly and work exactly as they should. Great resources backed by a supportive and understanding team.

Mr Peter Clifton - Teacher-Librarian
Wingham Brush Public School, NSW

Rik Bennett Just what teachers with interactive whiteboards have been waiting for.

           An excellent resource which balances sound pedagogy with practical classroom approaches. Your software is just what teachers with Interactive Whiteboards have been waiting for.


Mr Richard Bennett - Senior Lecturer in Primary Education

University of Chester, UK

https://www.ideal-resources.com.au/gallery/images/act.jpg Teachers are able to use the interactive resources on the IWB to explore difficult concepts.

          Through the use of this software teachers are able use the interactive resources on the IWB to explore often difficult concepts with the class. The resources are simple to use but open ended in their design. This open-endedness allows a focus on specific aspects of the concept in question, adapting to student understandings or misunderstanding as the lesson progresses.

Mr Peter Kent - Professional Learning Section

ACT Department of Education


Manifold Heights Public School

More like Amazing Resources!

          Ideal Resources – more like Amazing Resources! Our Junior and Middle Level students have been absolutely thrashing Primary Games! They’re engaged in activities that for teachers are the ultimate – FUN LEARNING. Our students continually challenge themselves by increasing the degree of difficulty. The software is tremendous value! Ideal Resources – the stuff works!


Mr Ron White - ICT Coordinator
Manifold Heights Public School, VIC


Pilton State School

Your resources make teaching and learning fun!

          Thank you for great software that supports our Interactive Whiteboard use. We have reaped the benefits in the classroom with improved student motivation and engagement. Your games make the teaching and learning what it should be...fun! Thank you Ideal Resources.

Mrs Sharon Wilson - Class Teacher P-3
Pilton State School, QLD


Kilberry Valley Primary School

Well set out, engaging and cover core concepts in a relevant and fun way.

          The best thing about your programs are that they are clear to read, well set out, engaging and covering core concepts in a relevant and fun way. We have interactive whiteboards throughout the senior school so they are fabulous for the entire class. The programs also run well on individual computers.

Mrs Kylie Campbell - Leading Teacher
Kilberry Valley Primary School, VIC


Dandenong Valley School

Perfect teaching tools for group sessions.

          As a specialist school for students with intellectual and multiple disabilities we often have difficulty in finding software that is both easy enough for our students to use and motivating enough to hold their interest. Your software hits the mark on both counts. We are using the Early Years Maths Pack and Primary Games Packs and the students are really enjoying them. We are using them on plasma screens with interactive overlays and they are perfect teaching tools for small group sessions. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Judy Norton - Junior Department Leader
Dandenong Valley School, VIC



Catholic Education Learning Technologies & Library Services, ACT

Ideal Resources is the BEST software resources I have seen for children in a long time.

          Ideal Resources is the BEST software resources I have seen for children in a long time. They complement the Count Me in Too and Counting On programs beautifully. The students are engaged and constantly reinforcing their skills in all strands of Mathematics and mental computation as they play.

Mrs Juliette Major - Education Officer
Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn Catholic Education Office

Cairns School of Distance Education Students are engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

          The introduction of Ideal Resources software has meant that the students from their individual homes can all work together using the live interactive whiteboard and work collaboratively on developing a skill or concept. The students are also able to work by themselves using the resources to enhance the paper-based workbooks when they have trouble with a particular skill or concept. Ideal Resources enable us to embed the software into our Blackboard online classroom and enhance our paper-based curriculum that keep distance education students engaged and enthusiastic about learning and achieving success.

Mrs Theresa Felter - Online Learning and Technology Coordinator

Cairns School of Distance Education, QLD


Ingle Farm Primary School Ideal Resources programs are fantastic!

          The Ideal Resources programs are fantastic! The students loved using them in their spare ICT time. They are extremely useful to support the teaching of new concepts.

Ms Rebecca Grigg - Year 4 / 5 Class Teacher

Ingle Farm Primary School, SA



Berrinba East State School Extremely affordable, user friendly and very engaging.

          Ideal Resources’ interactive software programs are used extensively throughout our classrooms. Our teachers have found these quality resources to be extremely affordable, user friendly and very engaging. They have certainly improved the quality of the learning experiences available to our students.

Mr Tony Maksoud – Principal
Berrinda East State School, QLD


Broulee Public School Engages students with well thought out visuals.

          In my opinion, the Ideal Resources software is well worth the investment. The strength of the software is that it engages the students with well thought out visuals and allows for explicit teaching to occur. The activities are designed around eye pleasing graphics with simple, logical navigation menus.

Mr David Hounsell - Deputy Principal

Broulee Public School, NSW


Maraekakaho School

We would recommend Ideal Resources to any school.

          The Ideal Resources’ software is superb for introducing concepts to students of all ages. They are very clear and easy to use. Our teachers like them because they are not games – they are quality teaching tools. We would recommend them to any school.

Mrs Wendy Beauchamp - Deputy Principal
Maraekakaho School, Napier, New Zealand


Carey Grammar School We use your resources every day.

          The Ideal Resources online program has been a huge hit with the staff at Carey Grammar. Fantastic visual manipulatives we can use every day.

Mr Nathan Jones - Year 6 Teacher / Head of eLearning

Carey Grammar School, VIC

Frederick Irwin Anglican School Thank you Ideal Resources for helping to put the smiles back on children’s faces.

          The online resources offered by Ideal Resources are a valuable teaching tool as they are fun but not just games. I use them to teach and consolidate various mathematical concepts on the whiteboard and them as a motivational activity on the computer when tasks are finished. The children always love coming to my room no matter what age they are …..all because I have Ideal Resources as a “trick up my sleeve”. Thank you Ideal Resources for helping to put the smiles back on children’s faces as they walk with a spring in their step after a Maths lesson.

Ms Cheryle Rudland - Education Support Teacher
Frederick Irwin Anglican School, WA


Collingwood Park State School I wish you could see the excitement and feel the tension when we play some of these games. Great Stuff.

          Thank you for such a wonderful resource. I wish you could see the excitement and feel the tension when we play some of these games. Who would have thought it would be so vital for students to learn to estimate degrees of turn simply so they could fire a 'rocket.' Parents are calling in to check whether these games really came from school! Great stuff!

Ms Jenny Rowston - Teacher
Collingwood Park State School, QLD



Roma Mitchell Secondary College I would strongly recommend its effectiveness for students.

           I am the curriculum coordinator at a senior special education setting for 80 students. They have intellectual disabilities ranging from mild to severe. We have been using the Online Resources successfully with most of the range of students we have to develop their maths and literacy skills. We are using the resources for class work on the interactive whiteboard, individual work on laptops and to generate worksheets. The activities are extremely motivating and engaging. I would strongly recommend its effectiveness for students with or without learning problems.


Ms Barbara Henwood - Curriculum Coordinator

Roma Mitchell Secondary College, SA


Frederick Irwin Anglican School

My class and I absolutley LOVE your wonderful teaching resources.

          My class and I absolutley LOVE your wonderful teaching resources. In my 30 years of teaching, and much of that time as a numeracy coordinator I have used lots of great websites. But yours is so brilliant because it keeps it simple, linking the teaching objectives very clearly. The no frills layout means no distractions. I like the way you think! This is what makes it the best. So, keep it going!


Ms Janet Stirling - Year 2 Teacher

Frederick Irwin Anglican School - WA

Dean's Primary School

It's soon very obvious that this is the work of someone who knows what goes on in the classroom

While many computer resources are fiddly and tricky to use, this one is easy, big, bold and very intuitive. I like it because there's a range of activities right across upper and lower primary. I mainly use them to introduce a concept and in the mental and oral starter of a lesson. A favourite of mine does tally charts and generates examples to test the class. Another calculates fractions as you colour in segments of a rectangle. It's soon very obvious that this is the work of someone who knows what goes on in the classroom and realises what's needed

Mr Andrew Harris - ICT Coordinator
The Deans Primary School

St Kieran's

I can't get some children off the computer!

St Kieran's has been using Ideal Resources for a few months now and we have had some really positive feedback from parents, teachers and students. It has been a great way to get students consolidating learning at home. I can’t get some children off the computer! Although we have been using the maths resources mainly, I have recently started using the literacy resources in small group lessons and they have been great.Thanks again for this fantastic resource and for keeping us updated.

Ms Tracy Williamson - ICLT Coordinator
St Kieran's Catholic School, NSW

Students and teachers find the activities enjoyable and easy to use

One of the great things about the activities is that students and teachers find the activities enjoyable and easy to use. On task behaviour is maximised when students are engaged in their eLearning activities. Many students choose to ‘play’ their favourite games during their free time or at home through the useful free student login feature

Mr Peter Kent  - eLearning Manager ACT Department of Education
Previously Principal, Richardson Primary School, ACT

Theodore State School

Our students love using Ideal Resources.

           Our school LOVE using Ideal Resources online with the students in both classroom lessons and for homework.

Ms Kathryn Mann -  Middle School Co-ordinator

Theodore State School, QLD


Theodore State School

Very useful and practical.

           Our teachers really enjoy having access to your online resources. They find them very useful and practical.

Ms Kerry Deighton - Head of Department

Theodore State School, QLD


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