Folders Heading

Folders are Friends!

Why Create Folders in Ideal Resources?


They are a great place to store your favourite activities and all your created resources keeping you organised. Spend a little time early in the year when you still have the energy and enthusiasm to explore our site.

  • Make a couple of folders to store the activities you discover straight away so you don’t forget where they are.
  • Make Folders Public so you can share custom activities with other teachers in your school. Great for relief teachers.

Folders in iR

Create Some Essential Folders


Maths Groups – Easy for student and teacher access during maths groups in class.


Homework Folder – Easy access for students to find and practice the activities you want them to practice each week at home.


Term by Term Folders – Great to store all your activities in an organised fashion for you to access year after year.


See what some of our subscribing teachers who use the site in their classrooms everyday have to say:


            You should spend a little time early on exploring the site and checking out the features. Make a couple of folders to store some activities you discover straight away so you don’t forget where they are.


           I created personal folders based on Term then week work.  This way year after year I could access the relevant resources again without all the work.


           We had 3 teachers in our year. So each teacher was assigned a strand to create a public folder and add relevant resources and create new activities in. This split up our work load and meant we had a comprehensive folder of interactive resources at a touch of a button. Because we made our folders public within the school all teachers could access the folders which  was great for relief teaching and across all classes.


           I work in a small school with one class ranging from F – 2. In one class you need lots of varying resources easily accessible in one place. I could actually use the interactive whiteboard for the whole class using the same resources just varying the difficulty for different year groups.


           In the first year of using Ideal Resources I made approx 20 word searches using word group’s ee, ea, er, re, long, short words. This year I could quickly click on the folder and relevant word search to give to my new class. Easy.


           I have been using Ideal Resources for 5 years and when I changed schools I was devastated they didn’t have Ideal Resources. I purchased personally a single teacher subscription and with one call to Ideal they transferred all my folders and created activities to my new login. I will also be able to move all theses folders to my new school when they finally purchase next year. I haven’t lost any of my work.


            I made homework folders for my three maths groups. Each week I would put in 3 or 4 activities in each folder for students to play at home. I chose games like Ghost Blasters, Stop the clock, eggs on legs that were fun. Although I couldn’t track how completed the tasks I could tell by the increase in their skills. They wanted to play the games. They are not drill exercises



Want to know more about making folders? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.