Ghost Blasters

Spooky Halloween Maths Activities

Did you know we have lots of spooky ghost educational maths games as part of our online subscription? Perfect for this time of year. Be the coolest teacher in the school and embrace Halloween in your maths lesson with lots of different games from counting up, addition and subtraction to multiplication and division.


Suitable for all age groups foundation to year 7.


ghost-blasters1 Ghost BlastersA fun energising game to support times tables. Click or tap the unfriendly ghosts continually to build up your score. Unfriendly ghosts are your chosen times tables from 2 – 20.


ghost-blasters-ws Ghost Blasters Printable WorksheetColour the ghosts that are multiples of your chosen multiple from 2 – 20. Great for homework or maths groups. Unlimited printable generators!


ghost-blasters2 Ghost Blasters IIA 2 person game practising number bonds of 2 – 99.



ghost-blasters-ws Ghost Blasters II Printable WorksheetGenerate worksheets instantly of any number bonds from 5 – 99.


 ghost-blasters3 Ghost Blasters IIIAddition and subtraction, multiplication and division game. 1 or 2 players with varying difficulty.


ghost-blastersws Spooky SequenceOne of the ghosts in the spooky sequence is missing a number. Count up or down from 2, 5,10 or random age specific sequences for (5-6 yrs) and (7-8 yrs) as well as Multiplication.



Most of our games can be differentiated to suit all age and ability within the same game. Great for varying maths groups or composite classes. Why not make a folder and put all the ghost games in there and ask the children to play them at home. Maths is fun!