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Below are a small sample of the many resources included with an online subscription.



This is a simple lesson plan on introducing fractions in 3 easy steps that will motivate students and utilise the technology in your classroom.

Whiteboard Resource

Fraction Maker

Help students visualise fractions. Select the number of parts and then click on the parts you'd like to colour.

Interactive Game

Recognising Fractions

Drag the fraction label to the correct diagram.

Printable Worksheet

Fraction Worksheet

Read and write proper fractions interpreting the denominator and the numerator.


All the resources teachers need for working mathematically with Australian money. Whole class interactive resources, numerous games and a wealth of printable worksheets covering this topic.

Whiteboard Resource

Count Up

What's the total of the coins on screen? The coins displayed are all draggable to aid the counting process.

Interactive Game

Pick and Mix

Set up the difficulty settings and then attempt to answer the required number of questions.

Printable Worksheet

How Much Worksheet

Find the totals of the six coins in each row.


Lots of resources to save teachers time by using ready-made examples or add your own data.  

Whiteboard Resource

Pie Chart

Watch the pie chart update dynamically as values are entered. The degrees/percentage of each piece can be displayed

Whiteboard Resource

Bar Chart

Use the ready-made examples or drag the top of the bars to the required position.

Whiteboard Resource

Tally Chart

Create a Tally Chart or discuss one of the ready-made examples.


Visual resources to help your students recognise and classify familar two-dimensional shapes.

Interactive Game

Spy Shape

Use your torch to determine the shapes hiding in the dark.

Whiteboard Resource

Carroll Diagrams (Shape)

A great way to learn properties of shapes as well as practising grouping skills.

Interactive Game

Shape Match

Match the shapes to the corresponding words. Click on both the shape and the word in sequence.


Indispensable resources for teaching length, mass & capacity. Whole class interactive whiteboard activities are supported by games and dynamic worksheets.

Whiteboard Resource

What's my Length

A whole class activity for reading a scale, estimating and converting between units.

Whiteboard Resource

Class Mass

A whole class activity for reading a scale, estimating and converting between units.

Whiteboard Resource

Class Capacity

A whole class activity for reading a scale, estimating and converting between units.


Sample of our interactive resources suitable for Early Years Students.

Interactive Game

Shape Paint

Introduce the concept of shape and make patterns and pictures using different shapes.

Whiteboard Resource

One More Than...

Find one more than a given number. Teachers can bring in the interactive number line to demonstrate the concept.

Whole Class Game

Shortest / Longest

Use language such as longer or shorter to compare two or more quantities.


Tools and activities, many with three levels of differentiation designed for whole class teaching on an interactive whiteboard or touch screen as well as standalone computers. 


Whiteboard Resource


Handy tools and activities to correct students punctuation. Strip punctuation from a text and then correct.

Class Game


Drag words into the boxes using 4, 6 or 8 words. The level of difficulty increases with the number of words used.

Whole Class Activity

Cloze Activity

Drag the words into the text to complete the sentences. Choose from eight preset texts or enter your own text.


A look at some of our classic favourites.


A fun energising game to support times tables. Simply click or tap the unfriendly ghosts continually to build up

Interactive Game

Splash Landing!

Can you land the Smiley in the splash zone? Set your angle, choose the amount of gunpowder, then launch!

Pyramid Puzzler

Each block of the pyramid must be the difference of the two blocks immediately below it. Can you correctly place

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